“The editor of the student newspaper at Florida A&M University learned via email today that he’s being replaced,” Michael Koretzky reported Wednesday for the Southern Drawl, a blog of the Society of Professional Journalists. “This is the totality of that email …

Thank you for submitting your application for the editor-in-chief of The FAMUan for the Spring 2013 semester. It was a pleasure to interview with you on Jan. 22, 2013. I regret to inform you that after careful consideration I have selected another applicant. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

“It was written by Kanya Stewart, the new Famuan adviser who still hasn’t been formally announced as the replacement for the fired Andrew Skerritt. [Skerritt remains on the faculty.]

Karl Etters, “being a quality journalist, searched out Stewart for illumination. ‘She explained that I was not the best fit for the job because I didn’t fit into the vision of The Famuan,’ he told me. And what’s that vision?

“She said my answer about holding the administration accountable and publishing ‘negative’ stories as she called it — which I did not say in the interview — was not in the vision of the paper.

“I tried to reach Stewart to see if Etters is describing her vision correctly, but she hasn’t returned calls to two separate phone numbers in her name. . . .”

The Student Press Law Center reported,Etters said he does not know who the new editor is, but believes at least one other person applied for the position. Stewart could not be reached for comment. Journalism school Dean Ann Kimbrough declined to comment on the selection of the new editor or adviser.