B2K singer Raz B has been having a tough time while hitting the road as part of The Millennium Tour. After threatening to quit earlier this month, the singer walked off stage during Saturday’s tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

He took to Instagram after video footage of him leaving the stage was shared on social media. “It really sucks, this being my dream tour. It’s not right! I’m the spirit of the group! I’m clearly alone in this,” he wrote in his Instagram Story.


According to Raz B, only one member of his group was supportive during his recent tour struggles. “@Omarion thanks for being there for me when nobody else would,” the singer wrote.

A fan, who attended the show, took to social media providing an explanation for Raz-B’s sudden departure from the stage.

"On top of whatever else he has going on it look like he was having issues with his headset, then he grabbed a mic and it wasn't working either that was before he walked off the stage," the fan said.

Raz B's recent actions come as a surprise to fans. Hours after discussing the Millennium Tour with EBONY, he announced his departure from the tour due to the presence of Chris Stokes, whom the singer claims abused him as a teenager.

Shortly afterward, he took to social media agreeing to continue the tour. He said, "I am a work in progress. I appreciate the outpouring of love, empathy, and understanding from my supporters. I look forward to continuing the Millennium Tour for our fans. You all deserve it!"