It's always smart to count your eggs before they hatch. For many overnight celebrities, breaking into the business at an unexpectedly high speed can have a very damaging effect on their perception of money. One celebrity who has recently fallen victim to this financial faux-pas is "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino. The R&B singer has decided to put up her North Carolina mansion for sale, at a half million dollar loss. The five bedroom, 38,768 square feet home was originally bought by Barrino for $1.3 million, but seeing as she almost lost the home to foreclosure before, money must be tight — hence her asking price of $800,000.

Fantasia has been in and out of the rumor mill for quite some time now, ever since she began dating her current fiance Antwaun Cook. The couple has recently had their first child, Dallas, a few months back, which adds yet another mouth to feed to the growing household. Between the drama-filled love triangle mess and the new baby, Fantasia most likely just wants a fresh start, at whatever the cost