Let's face it—although it's cheap and easily attainable, fast fashion is bad for the strain it puts on the environment. What makes it even worse is when retailers openly steal from Black fashion brands and trendsetters.

Hanifa, a Black-owned designer fashion brand, is the latest victim to have its designs unethically copped by the popular online shopping site Fashion Nova. The brand very clearly ripped off Hanifa's Jax knit gown from its design construction right down to its pattern colors.

The original dress can be seen below:

Black owned fashion brand Hanifa's Jax knit dress
Hanifa Jax Knit Gown, $459, hanifa.co Image: courtesy of Hanifa.

Last week, Anifa Mvuemba, the founder and creative director for Hanifa, made the courageous decision to speak out against Fashion Nova and hold the brand accountable for stealing her design. After vocalizing her concerns on Twitter, she was met with a wave of support.

The rally ultimately led to the design in question being removed from Fashion Nova's site.

Fashion Nova has yet to issue an apology or speak on the incident in general.

Sadly, it's been commonplace for larger brands to prey and steal from independent designers or businesses without proper credit or compensation. The removal of Mvuemba's design from Fashion Nova is a symbolic win for Black business owners, creatives and tastemakers the world over.