Camouflage, floral, stripes and tribal prints all co-mingling in one look… is this actually possible? Or should we reserve this hodgepodge of style for the fashion extremist, the risk-takers if you will? Alas, this fashion juxtaposition is finally becoming acceptable to the masses – if done correctly. So for this week’s fashion conundrum, we took inspiration from a few exemplary beacons of street style to see how they achieve a sublime mix of prints.

Tip #1: Create a cohesive color scheme. How can anything look bad on French Fashion Editor and Stylist Julia Sarr-Jamois? She has the big hair and the charming “I’m Parisian and cool” thing about her, right? But look closer; this mix took some effort. She has contrasting prints on, but used a consistent red/black color throughout the outfit.

Tip #2: Balance out large and small print proportions. Solange Knowles is a master of mixing records and prints. She creates equilibrium by allowing her prints to breathe and not clash. Two different large patterns would look odd, and they’d compete for attention in your look. The key is for one of the prints to be star of the show, while the other plays the understudy. One print must play second fiddle in the total outfit.

Tip #3: Embellished and/or sequined mixed prints… might be too much. Case in point: my beloved Rita Ora, bless her pretty her little eccentric heart. This is a perfect example of doing too much. She has on two different mixed prints, which are full-on embellished, and a graphic T-shirt. This, my friends, is overdone. If she had worn a solid on the top or bottom with the look, the outfit would have flowed more organically.

Ericka Goodman is the Fashion Editor for EBONY magazine. Follow her on Twitter @Ericka_Editor.