Sometimes you need a little lift and tuck in the bottom department, but figuring out exactly which jeans offer the most oomph can become quite the quandary. From spandex jeggings to chambray slacks to rustic dungarees – which offers the best butt for your buck? Luckily for you, I’ve tried on several pairs of jeans just so you’d be better equipped to wiggle into your very own perfect pair.

Option #1: Levi’s Low-Rise Skinny Jeans ($78;  

My old standbys, the Levi’s low-rise skinny jeans in a soft muted grey. I love these jeans. They’re comfy like an old pair of slippers, but don’t offer much support in the buttocks department. My somewhat still taut bottom looks soggy, loose and just undoubtedly unattractive. For an apple shape like mine, a high-rise is probably the better option. These are sadly not the best fit. It was time to upgrade.

Option #2:  Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans ($188;

The Fidelity jeans seemed like a perfect fit in the typical sense, and if I was looking to just slim (not highlight) curves, this would be a great pair. These jeans sucked it all in but neglected to lift. Instead, it felt and looked like I had on a denim pair of Spanx. Though these were a great looking pair of jeans, I think they’d be more suitable for someone seeking a tailored fit.

Option #3: James Jeans Humphrey High-Rise Flare Leg Jeans ($185;

This was a very fancy pair of jeans. They might even be called your “special occasion” jeans. They looked polished and felt great on, and the lift was actually quite respectable as well. I felt sucked in and lifted without that snug feeling. These were an almost perfect pair of jeans, except I longed for a bit more support around the back pocket area. But all and all, I’d give these jeans a go!

Option #4: Victoria’s Secret Hipster Bootcut Jeans ($69.50;

These are officially my new gold-standard for jeans. I’m forever indebted to you Victoria’s Secret for these London Collection denim wonders. The jeans slimmed out my thighs, creating a lean look without suppressing my bottom. The high-rise on the leg was comfortable and it cupped my lady lumps just perfectly. I felt supported yet free! Yes, we have a winner!