In celebration of New York Fashion Week 2018, EBONY will explore our favorite Black designers, models and trailblazers of the rag trade.

We chatted with musician, writer, fashion enthusiast and IMG model TK Wonder about her influences, inspiration and more!
Why is fashion important? 
TK Wonder: How you view yourself and what you decide to wear to complement your confidence and wearing what makes you happy is important to remember for one’s personal style in fashion. Fashion itself becomes important when it aligns itself and promotes diversity, inclusivity, sustainability. Diversity and inclusivity not just on the runway, during fashion weeks and campaigns but also in boardrooms and in creative director and executive positions. It is astonishing how fashion in 2018 still does not reflect those imperative components. It’s time that diversity is no longer treated like a trend from the runway, attendance at shows and campaigns. It is a continual and needed discussion within the fashion world.
How would you describe your style? 
 A woman who NEVER says no to color, fringe, sequin, oversized fit, sheer, patterns and animal print.
Where do you get your inspiration? 
I definitely like to experiment when it comes to style so my inspiration comes from viewing collections and considering how I would provide my own twist for personal style. [When I was] growing up, my mother was always my biggest fashion inspiration because she always switched up her look, from style to color. I definitely inherited her outlook on fashion.


What is the one clothing item you cannot live without and why? 
There is not one clothing item I could not live without; however if we are talking about food? That is another story. Albeit I am partial to a great blazer/ pantsuit.
What’s a style every woman should try at least once in her life?
Whatever makes her feel good, but hopefully, that is never a once in a lifetime thing. I never believed in following trends unless one is really into a particular trend. If I like something that is trendy, I wear it. If I like something that isn’t trendy, I wear it. I don’t  believe a certain style speaks to every woman. Style should be a reflection of your personality, and everyone’s personality is different. How boring would it be if everyone had the same personality? So the same goes for style.
What is one thing you wish you had known about your style when you were younger? 
I was always adventurous when it came to fashion, adventurous meaning I’ve never faced trepidation in trying different styles whether they were a match or not, so I have no regrets. I have definitely regretted some outfit choices in humorous reflection because my tastes have changed, however, I have never regretted an outfit in the moment because it made me happy. My style motto: If what you’re wearing doesn’t make you happy or feel good, then you are wearing the wrong thing.