Which TV dad is most like your pops? Whether he’s smooth like

Cliff Huxtable or as lethal as Eli Pope, Los Angeles mixologist Latham Ford has the perfect

cocktail to complement him.

If your dad is like … George Jefferson

“George was the coolest,” says Ford, mixologist at L.A.’s Ebanos Crossing bar. “He had swag

before anyone ever knew what it was and also possessed the best sense of humor.”

1|Sidecar With Swag

Serves 1



2 ¼ inch-thick slices peeled fresh ginger

2 1-inch strips orange peel

2 ounces brandy

1 ounce Cointreau or Grand Marnier

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 teaspoons maple syrup


Rim glass with sugar. Muddle ginger and 1 orange peel in a cocktail shaker. Add brandy,

Cointreau, lemon juice, maple syrup and ice; shake. Strain into glass, then garnish with the

second strip of orange peel.

If your dad is like …

Eli Pope

Strong, silent types like Scandal’s former secret agency boss will appreciate this classic

cocktail with a surprise: a dash of savory bacon. “A huge trend in cocktails is the infusion of

bacon for the smoky flavor,” says Ford.

2|Dark & Stormy

Serves 1


1 lime wedge

1 tablespoon bacon, crushed finely

2 ounces dark rum

 Ginger beer


Wet rim of 12-ounce glass with lime wedge. Roll edge of rim in bacon bits. Fill with ice.

Squeeze lime wedge over ice and drop wedge into glass. Add rum and top with ginger beer.