Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to make the father figure in your life feel extra special with a heartfelt gift. The mission is to let him know you care, so opt for a gift that aligns with his favorite hobbies, personal interests, or daily routine that improves his life. For the Dad who loves spending time in the gym or is looking to step up his fitness, this is the perfect opportunity to give him some modern gear that he’ll actually be excited to use.

First, take stock of what he already owns. If he has a garage full of dusty dumbbells, consider upgrading his equipment with some sleeker options that will take his workouts to the next level. Or if he hasn’t explored the world of fitness tech devices, he’ll be overjoyed with an impressive health tracker or earbuds. Chances are he won’t splurge on any of these items for himself, which makes it even more sweet. 

Read on for even more equipment, tech-y devices, gear and recovery tools, in a range of prices, guaranteed to make any fitness-loving Dad smile.

Image: courtesy of Flyby

Flyby Massage Deep Tissue Machine Gun $52, amazon.com

For the dad who’s always complaining that his body is sore, this percussive massage gun is ideal for anyone experiencing stiffness, needing to recover, or prevent injuries. With 50 lbs of pressure for deep tissue work and Boasting three powerful speeds and 6 unique massage heads, the F1Pro is quiet and lightweight weighing in at 1.8 lbs. Between the great price and over 14,000 nearly 5-star reviews on Amazon, this gift is a guaranteed success. 

Image: courtesy of Whoop

Whoop Superknit Band $49, Membership $12/monthly, shop.whoop.com

Chances are Dad has probably spotted this fitness band on some of his favorite professional athletes including LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes, and Kevin Durant. The sleek device provides personalized health and fitness that go deeper than any other tracker on the market documenting active recovering, heart rate variability, and measuring how everyday stressors affect performance. 

Image: courtesy of YBell Fitness

YBell Fitness Pro Series $120, ybellfitness.com

You’ll be saving him time, money and space with this 4-in-1 solution that combines a kettlebell, dumbbell, dual grip medicine ball, and push-up stand in just one piece of equipment. The strength training weight is great for HIIT, functional training, strength training, and yoga. It’s coated in non-slip, non-rust neoprene, and are ideal for training both indoors and out, ranging from 2.4 lbs to 44 lbs. 

Image: courtesy of TheraIce

TheraIce RX Hot & Ice Compressive Sleeve $33, theraicerx.com

Post workouts, these sleeves will help cool down muscles quickly, improve recovery, and provides immediate relief. The product applies hot and cold therapy, providing a dual therapy technique works for inflammation, arthritis pain, sore muscles, swelling, strains, sprains, surgery recovery, tendinitis, bursitis, tendinosis, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and more. It even adapts to comfortably fit different body areas, including the knee, elbow, bicep, hamstring, thigh, quad, calf, or ankle.

Image: courtesy of Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark Pro Water Bottle $70, hidratespark.com

Upgrade his gym water bottle with this tech-forward . Available in stainless steel vacuum insulated material, keeping drinks cold up to 24 hours and lightweight, shatter and odor resistant Tritan ™ plastic. LED smart sensor “puck” glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and tracks your water intake by syncing via bluetooth to the HidrateSpark App. It even has a “find my bottle” feature in case you lose it. Customize it to dad’s liking with three size options, 2 lids choices, and make it your own with custom glow colors in the app.

Lululemon Men’s Fast and Free Running Hat $38, shop.lululemon.com

Whether pops is a marathoner or just a fan of jogging around the neighborhood, this sweat-wicking cap will shield him from the sun. Designed with a tech-y “swift” fabric, the hat is lightweight, four-way stretch, and quick-drying. An interior front mesh fabric and build in sweatband will wick away moisture and make the run that much more enjoyable. 

Image: courtesy of Raycon Fitness

Raycon Global The Fitness Earbuds $99, rayconglobal.com

The Fitness Earbuds are designed to keep him in the zone as he works out. The proprietary enhanced fit guarantees maximum comfort and stability, so he won’t have to bother with adjustments mid-work out. Add to that 3 Sound Profiles, 54 hours of playtime, and a waterproof design, and you’ve got more than earbuds, you’ve got an essential exercise tool.

Image: courtesy of Gymshark

Gymshark Lifting Club Barrel Bag $30, gymshark.com

Give the gift of convenience with this easy-to-carry bag, designed to hold every in-gym essential he has, from a smart phone to lifting straps. He can throw everything into the shoulder bag to keep his pockets clear and stay focused on the gym. The addition of a functional touchscreen pocket, for a smartphone makes following a workout, or logging your sets, simpler than ever.

Image: courtesy of Whirlybird

Whirlyboard Board $130, amazon.com

It's time to get on board with this latest trend that combines a spinning balance board with today’s lifestyles. With 700+ positive reviews on Amazon, join the movement to put the fun back into exercise! Add a little fitness, agility, and fun with Whirly Board!  The Whirly Board allows you to spin 360˚ and engage all your body's core muscles. It’s a great option for core training and home fitness without the need for bulky gym equipment that takes up space.