The New Jersey office of the FBI has a bone to pick with the New York Police Department. They’re angry that their fellow law enforcement agency has been spying on Muslims for “counter-terrorism intelligence.” Just to note, the feds aren’t upset because it’s never nice to spy on your neighbor—they’re mad because the NYPD is making it harder for them to spy on our Muslim neighbors.

“What we’re seeing now with the uproar that is occurring in New Jersey is that we’re starting to see cooperation pulled back. People are concerned that they’re being followed. People are concerned that they can’t trust law enforcement,” says FBI Newark Special Agent Michael Ward. Ward adds that with the NYPD following Muslims back-and-forth across state lines and spying on mosques and Muslim-owned businesses, it makes it hard to get otherwise willing members of the community to cooperate with Muslim surveillance of their own.

It seems like the NYPD has run afoul of everyone in New Jersey. From Governor Chris Christie to Mayor Cory Booker, the lawmakers of the Garden State don’t appreciate them crossing over into their territory. Does this right-to-power attitude the NYPD have border on the edge of obsession? Or, will it remain politics-as-usual in the search of finding more “terrorists” in New Jersey?