A man who was kidnapped for ransom was killed by an FBI agent during a Houston raid. Neighbors say they woke up to the sound of gunshots around on Thursday.

The Chicago Tribune reports home of Ulises Valladares was invaded by two men around 4 AM that morning. The 47-year-old and his 12-year-old son were both held hostage by two armed men in Conroe, TX. The boy was left bound and told the house was being watched. They said if he called cops, his father, whom they were holding for ransom, would be killed. The young boy was able to call police from a neighbor’s home. Local police bought in the FBI.

Nicholas Chase Cunningham, 42, Jimmy Tony Sanchez, 38 and Sophia Perez Heath, 35 are all being charged with aggravated kidnapping. The two men are also facing an armed robbery charge.

When FBI agents tracked the location of the two men using cellphone signals, they were led to a motel where they discovered Cunningham and Sanchez. But Valladares wasn’t there. Officials were given then given the address where they could find Valladares, who was being held captive by Heath. At some point in the raid, one of the agents fatally shot Valladares. The shooter, who has not been identified, is currently on administrative leave as the case is being investigated.

The town’s police chief made a statement on the incident shortly after the shooting.

“The system failed. Whether it was accidental or not, the man is not going home to his family,” Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis said.