Wearable art is making headway within the fashion industry. Brooklyn-based womenswear designer Fe Noel has been tapped by Martell Cognac to design one-of-a-kind sneakers using color wave theory and brainwave technology, which draws inspiration from a French holiday tradition that encourages placing shoes by the fireplace to be filled with gifts by Christmas morning. 

Also, this isn’t Noel’s first time in the footwear space as she conceptualized LeBron James’ first all-female designed sneaker

“I truly believe that fashion is a language of cultural self-expression and individuality. It’s a way to communicate who you are and where you’ve come from," shared the designer. "With this collaboration, my main objective is for people to feel good in their own skin by embracing their most precious memories and unapologetically celebrating their inner “standout swift” with wearable art.”

Shanée Benjamin, Fe Noel and Sahle Selassie. Image: courtesy of Martell Cognac.

Regarding the collaboration, Charlotte Raux, Senior Brand Manager, Martell Cognac at Pernod Ricard USA said, “Like the ‘Swift’ that adorns each bottle, Martell Blue Swift is crafted for those who soar higher, those who— like Fe Noel—
are boldly redefining convention. Fe has mastered the ability to bottle up culture with her fashion, making her the perfect creative partner for a holiday experience that marries technology with design for the ultimate gift of self-expression.”- says . 

Fe Noel inspect a pair of the custom sneakers. Image: courtesy of Martell Cognac.

At a Martell Sneaker Atelier event held earlier this week, brainwave sensing headsets were used to interpret positive holiday memories into vibrant patterns incorporating Noel’s signature color palettes before translating them into unique sneaker designs. In addition, each sneaker was hand-painted live on-site and receives a finishing touch by the designer herself.

An example of the finished product. Image: courtesy of Martell Cognac.