Tiffany Pollard, mostly known as New York, is Fenty Beauty’s latest beauty vlogger. Rihanna’s highly sought after and inclusive beauty brand cast the reality star for an over-the-top holiday gift guide.

“I’m the original HBIC, and this is the holiday gift guide,” Pollard exclaimed. “Fellas, I’ma hook ya’ll up and tell ya’ll what to get ya’ll woman. Woman, I’ma tell yall what to get ya’ll self.”

The Flavor of Love and I Love New York proceeded to give tips on how to remedy being “ugly b****es” by using the Pro Filt’r Foundation, which comes in 40 shades. “I love it. I look flawless,” she added.

“I need my knight in shining armor to come swoop me up. I can do this with this palette from Fenty Beauty, honey. It’s cuffin’ season proof, and New York is ready to be cuffed.”

Pollard gave her unadulterated opinion on a variety of Fenty Beauty products including the Killawatt Foil Palette, Stunna Lip Paint, Frosty Hunny Eye + Lip set, Snow Nights Lipstick set and Diamond Bomb.

Tiffany Pollard a.k.a New York has all the holiday/christmas gift ideas for y’all! Watch what Fenty Beauty products are on her wishlist and what you should be getting or giving this holiday season!” the brand declared.

If New York’s hilarious review isn’t enough, be sure to check Fenty Beauty’s YouTube channel for weekly product tutorials with Rihanna.

Fenty Beauty products can be found exclusively online and at Sephora’s across the country. Watch the nearly 10-minute video below to figure out the perfect gift for your loved ones.