Another tale of teachers gone wild took place last Thursday when a South Carolina teacher created a homework assignment in which her fifth-grade students were told to imagine they were a member of the Ku Klux Klan and explain why their racism would be justified.

The next question on the homework sheet asked students to imagine they were freed slaves and describe why they were or weren’t satisfied with their new lives. After a student’s uncle saw the assignment, he posted a picture of it to Facebook. In a separate post, Tremain Cooper said his nephew cried after reading the questions. The unidentified Oak Pointe Elementary School teacher has since been placed on administrative leave. She’s been employed by the Lexington Richmond School District Five for 12 years.

“School District Five is taking this matter very seriously,” read a statement from the district which was obtained by The New York Post. “We have been in communication and will continue to be in communication with families to let them know our actions and next steps.”

“We must teach the standard, but we are taking steps to ensure this particular assignment will never be used again in District Five schools,” the statement continued. “We understand the seriousness of this matter particularly in light of the events taking place in our country at this time. We want to ensure that our students, parents, staff and community know that we are giving this matter our full attention.”