More than 100 protesters camped out overnight outside of McDonald’s headquarters to get an early start on their fight for higher wages. Thousands of activists, fast-food workers and supporters readied to disrupt the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago on Thursday. “Nothing is going to stop us until we win,” Anggie Godoy, a McDonald’s worker in Los Angeles told NBC Chicago.

“Now is the time that we have to unite and be stronger because it’s time that we have a decent wage. We are just trying to survive.”

Organizers are pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to unionize. There are no signs of them backing down. “We are all living in poverty regardless of what area we live in and McDonald’s just made $1 billion in profit the first three months of this year,” Godoy said.

Police in Oak Brook planned for roughly 8,000 demonstrators Wednesday night, but heavy rain kept many away. More than 3,000 protestors are expected Thursday.