Another day, another neo-Nazi clutching his face.

On Sunday, a White man with a Swastika armband was spotted on a Seattle bus screaming at commuters of color. After exiting the bus, the unidentified man took his hate-filled rants to the streets. At some point, his racist banter was met by the wrong one.

The man’s shouts that Black people “deserved welfare” was captured on video by a bystander. In it, the man’s allegations are met with a quick one-two punch from a Black man the Nazi targeted with his rants.

In the initial video of the altercation — which YouTube later removed — the man who checked the Nazi with them hands was allegedly heard saying, “ain’t nothing else to talk about” before walking away.

Twitter user @ChaiGoth who captured the incident even took it upon himself to edit the video by incorporating the song “The Ting Goes” — which has been making its rounds on the internet — as background music.

If you’re wondering, the entirety of his body did meet the sidewalk.