Choose the answer to each question that best describes you


1. You’re going on a vacation with your boo, who’s paying for the trip. When it’s time to decide where to travel, you:

 A. Let your partner pick the destination.

 B. Make a list of the top three places that fit his or her budget.

 C. Remind your loved one you’ve paid for the last few trips and deserve to be treated to wherever you’d like to go.


2. Your better half picks you up from work for your weekly dinner date. It’s his or her turn to pay. When it’s time to select the restaurant, he or she:

 A. Decides you two will dine at the new seafood place in town—even though you’re allergic to shellfish.

 B. Reminds you that it’s his or her turn to pick the spot because you selected last week.

 C. Asks where you’d like to go since you always get the final word, anyway.


3. When your special someone’s birthday rolls around, you typically:

 A. Charge a pricey gift you can’t afford on a credit card; after all, it’s your sweetheart’s important day.

 B. Ask him or her for a few options to ensure you can get something from the wish list that won’t bust your budget.

 C. Get what you think your beloved should have.


4. Your automobile has finally conked out, so it’s time to get another one. You:

 A. Avoid telling your partner for as long as possible and commute by bus.

 B. Talk to your partner about an ideal budget for a replacement car.

 C. Buy the new luxury vehicle you’ve had your eye on. You can afford it.


5. You and your significant other are meshing funds to buy a house. Realizing that one party has saved twice as much as the other, you:

 A. Think the person who has more to invest gets to dictate the house choice.

 B. Think of it as “our choice” because you will both reside there.

 C. Think it’s best to wait until the partner with less money can save more to make a larger contribution.

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