JAY-Z may not have taken home the Album of the Year” Grammy for his critically acclaimed 4:44 album last night, but the creative work has inspired one author to pen a book about financial literacy.

According to a press release sent to EBONY, Financial Freedom: My Only Hope encourages people to think about how they can all achieve financial freedom.

The book, written by entrepreneur and tech enthusiast Jeremiah J. Brown, challenges readers to consider how they can solve economic inequality throughout the world.

Brown is a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and groundbreaking product strategist, said the album inspired him to write what he called a “‘profound Global Game changer that can ‘shift the perception’ we have about our approach to capitalism.'”

In addition, “With all of the wealth inequality, economic divisiveness, corporate fascism, ego-driven politics in the World, Financial Freedom: My Only Hope provides us with a whole new level of awareness of who we are and what life is about,” said the statement.

Topics covered throughout the book are:

  • More than money
  • Ignoring your ignorance
  • You can have it all
  • Legacy
  • Print your own money
  • Free market-crytocurrency
  • Knowledge is the new money

Before graduating with a degree in finance, Brown launched and sold his first company, according to the press release. At 18, he became a real estate agent in his hometown of NYC.

For more information, visit www.givefinancialfreedom.com.