Nicole Roberts Jones, a career/lifestyle expert and bestselling author, has been doing her life’s work coaching women for more than 20 years. What most people don’t know is that she didn’t start to see profit until after 17 years in her field. Once she figured out how to turn her expertise into profit,  she knew she literally had to share her wealth and created the Fierce Formula to push other women into their destinies. On March 4, she launched the Find Your Fierce Tour. The event, which hit Los Angeles (March 4), and then moves to Washington, DC (March 18); Houston (March 25); and Boston (April 9), is a one-stop shop for women who want to identify their personal calling, and how to use that to tap into multiple streams of income. EBONY talked to Jones about what sets her tour apart and why women should register today.

EBONY: What is your definition of fierce?

Nicole Roberts Jones: You know who Beyonce is. When she’s on stage, she’s Sasha Fierce and really, when Beyoncé is standing on stage, she’s standing in the fullness of her gift. She’s doing the very thing that she was born to do, and she’s unapologetic about it. My goal is for every woman to stand in full power of the woman she was created to be unapologetically.

EBONY: Why did you create this tour?

NRJ: These four steps (the Fierce Framework) are the ones I went through to make profit. What are you passionate about? What are you proficient in? You’ve got to love it and be great in it! What problem does it solve? How can you package it to make profit? The purpose of the tour, or dare I say, my life’s calling, is to work with women so that they fully understand that people will pay you more for what you know more than what you do. Understand those four areas so you can build multiple streams of income.

EBONY: What kind of women should attend Find Your Fierce?

NRJ: They should have a desire to be in business but not know where to start. Or maybe you’re already a coach, an author, speaker or service professional (e.g. lawyer, hairstylist, image consultant). Or you are a corporate woman, and you’re ready to put your two weeks notice in, and you want to leave your job without leaving the same amount of money you have in your paycheck. What I’m really teaching women is how to make money alongside their 9-5.

EBONY: How does Find Your Fierce differ from other women’s conferences?

NRJ: I really deep dive into what business owners do not. Most people don’t talk to you about how to profit. They’ll give you all of this strategy, all of this insight, but they never talk to you about your gift and how to turn it into profit. Without this piece, you can develop every program, but no one will hear what they need to hear, which means they won’t pay you. What sets me apart is that I’m a social worker, and I understand how to meet your clients where they are, not where you think they’re supposed to be. If I can help you connect to your client, heart to heart, soul to soul, there’s a different conversation. That’s what makes Find Your Fierce Tour different.

EBONY: Describe the experience women will have during the tour?

NRJ: I’m going to walk women through the framework so they can define it for themselves. I couldn’t care less if you’re motivated or inspired. Motivation and inspiration moves you nowhere but into hope, and without implementation, hope remains hope, and that’s it. My goal is to give you things to implement when you leave. You’re going to bring your notebook, bring your pen, and I will give you step by step what you need to do. It’s not a cookie- cutter approach. I would call it an incubator. The tour stops will only have a room of 30 women so I can touch every woman. It’s a three-hour workshop, and I will coach them and provide an opportunity for them to ask any questions. I have clients who will share their own experiences so women can see themselves in real life examples of women who have done it. I”m going to show you at least six income streams you can develop right now. Once I figured it out, it didn’t even take 17 months for me to go from $17,000 to $200,000 in annual revenue in my business.

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