The story behind the sizzling snack that we have come to know and love could be made into a movie, KSAT reports.

Flamin’ Hot follows the true story of Mexican-born immigrant, Richard Montanez, the mastermind behind the tasty treat.

And according to news outlets, Fox Searchlight won the rights to produce the movie about the popular snack.

Montanez’s story will take viewers from janitor to executive vice-president, and it’s pretty inspirational. While he was a janitor in the early 1990s, a production snafu that left a batch of Cheetos without cheese dust started the story of the beloved snack. Montanez took the bag home and made his own seasoning for the Cheetos based on “elote,” a Mexican street food that combines corn, lime juice, salt, chili powder, mayonnaise and cheese.

Montanez took the snack to his co-workers and they loved it so much that the snack caught the attention of the president of Frito-Lay.

The company then reportedly purchased Montanez’s hot Cheetos idea and well …the rest is history.