Flavor Flav (born William J. Drayton) of the iconic hip hop group Public Enemy was arrested last night on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery. The Las Vegas police had reportedly been called to Drayton's home, concerning a domestic battery call that involved Elizabeth Trujillo, Drayton's 39-year-old fiancee of eight years, and her teenage son. According to the police report, Trujillo had accused 58-year-old Drayton of infidelity, which led to a "verbal altercation" that quickly turned physical.

"Trujillo stated Drayton grabbed her by the shoulders, stomach and arms, and threw her to the ground two separate times," read the report. Trujillo's 17-year-old son Gibran then attempted to physically stop Drayton, claimed his mother. Gibran told police that Drayton also chased him around the living room with a knife, threatening to kill him.  While Drayton "confirmed the stories told by Gibran and Trujillo," stated the report, he denied having chased or threatened Gibran.

The musician is slated to attend a court hearing this morning.