Another day, another potential reboot!

Shortly after news that 1990s favorite Martin would be receiving the reboot treatment, the cast of Showtime series Soul Food hinted at a reunion of their own. Now, fans of UPN sitcom One On One could have something to look forward to as well.

While production plans have yet to be set in stone, Flex Alexander shared via Instagram that he and co-star Kyla Pratt have discussed the possibility of bringing the early 2000s series back for 2018, inspired by other classic shows that are making a comeback.

“Seeing all of these reboots like Roseanne, fuller house, possibly Martin!! It’s seems like perfect timing for a one on one reboot,” Flex shared. “@kylapratt what do you think? And please do not submit ideas in the comments were good there, y’all know how folks get 😂😂😂 love y’all for the love.”