A Florida police officer is under fire after body camera footage from 2017 showing him grabbing a Black father by the neck and calling him “boy” spread online.

Deputy James Cady can be seen on video confronting Allen Floyd, a Black man who was holding his infant son, outside a hotel in Dania Beach. He asks Floyd for his identification and if he has a separate room, per The Daily Beast.

Floyd, who is seated on the sidewalk, asks “For what?” and shows pictures on his phone to prove he’s the baby’s father, adding, “I’m not going to show you my ID.”  

“Quit fu**ing with me, boy!” Cady says before he threatens to call child protective services. “I’m going to f**k you up.” The verbal exchange between the two continues before Cady can be seen grabbing Floyd by his neck.


Cady is being investigated by Internal Affairs at the Broward Sheriff’s Office for his actions in the video, which was released last month.

“This video depicts a clear display of police abuse,” said public defender Howard Finkelstein in a letter to the Sheriff’s office, per The Daily Beast. “Deputy Cady’s verbal assault coupled with him choking an otherwise cooperative bystander can only be characterized as an unlawful touching.”

Finkelstein added, “Cady’s use of the term ‘boy’ is offensive, condescending and demeaning. It carries racial connotations when used while addressing an adult black male.”

According to the Miami Herald, Cady has a history of being investigated by Internal Affairs. In 2003, he was investigated for “conduct unbecoming of an employee and use of force.”