Political insiders say that Florida will be the first key state that could indicate who will win the presidency. An Obama win in the Sunshine State would be tough to overcome by Romney, who needs Florida and other key battleground states to reach the magical 270 electoral vote mark.

Right now, early returns indicate a 50-50 split.

Also look at the results in Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania for early indications.

Meanwhile, across the country there have been numerous voting irregularities, including faulty voting machines, incorrect ballots and extraordinarily long lines. In Florida, Democrats filed two lawsuits in federal court yesterday after Rick Scott, the state’s Republican governor, refused to extend early voting hours in light of reports of a temporary closing of a busy polling site after a bomb threat at an Orlando precinct.

Early returns show Romney has a commanding lead in Kentucky and Indiana. He was expected to win both states, even though Obama carried Indiana in 2008. Meanwhile, Obama has a big lead in Vermont.

Social media is abuzz with predictions from everyone from suburban moms to celebrities. Gabrielle Union recently tweeted support to those voters still in line to vote. “COME ON!!!,” she said. :In the home stretch!! Stay the course, stay in line & make your vote count! It CAN come down to YOU! “