A baby was unharmed when a Florida man stole a car it was in at a West Palm Beach, Florida gas station, police say.

A man was seen on surveillance camera stealing a black Kia Rio with a 5 1/2-month-old baby at a RaceWay gas station Tuesday morning.

Police are looking for the man.

Realizing the car he stole had a baby in it, the thief went to another gas station and dropped off the child, according to WPTV. The child was unharmed.

The unidentified man noticed the car was unlocked and still had the keys inside of it before driving it off. Cameras caught the owner of the Kia Rio exiting from inside the gas station looking bewildered because his car with the baby was gone.

Another security camera at a Sunoco gas station showed the man pull up, struggle with the child’s car seat before running toward the entrance and leaving the baby inside.

A worker, who was in the store when the baby was dropped off, told WPTV what had transpired.

“The doors were locked, so he came up and was banging on the door frantically. The overnight clerk came up to the door, and I guess shouted through the door, ‘What’s going on? He kept saying, ‘Take this baby, take this baby, so he just opened the door and took the baby and called the police from there,” said Michelle Ashby, who works at the gas station’s deli.

Law enforcement was able to track the stolen vehicle but was unable to find the person.