Right before students were to take part in a national protest opposing gun violence, a student was shot and injured at a high school in Florida on Friday, CNN reports.

The 17-year old student was shot in the ankle at Forest High School in Ocala, Fl. and taken to a hospital, Kevin Christian, spokesman for the Marion Public Schools. It’s not considered a life-threatening injury.

A school resource officer took a 19-year suspect into custody three minutes after the shooting. The person was not a student, per CNN.

“It’s a shame what society has come to in that we even have to be here on a school campus,” Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said to a throng of reporters “Society has changed since I was in school. … We as a whole need to do something. My emotions are running rampant.”

Students used desks and chairs to barricade themselves in their classrooms.


The latest incident was the 20th school shooting of the year and comes two months after a gunman walked into a Parkland, Florida high school and killed 17 people.