Being the First Lady is not as glamorous as it may sometimes seem. Balancing family, presidential responsibilities, marriage, and a national campaign, Michelle Obama has flourished as admirably as the vegetables and fruits she has planted in the White House garden. Mrs. Obama’s book “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America,” which goes on sale today, features the candid humor and passionate commitment for which the FLOTUS has become known and loved.

In the book, she shares with readers advice on combating obesity, starting their own gardens, convincing children to eat healthful foods, and getting a start on exercise. Mrs. Obama also reveals that while she may be dedicated to her garden, she has only managed to grow five pumpkins in three years, as well as perfectly shaped yet tasteless cantaloupes. Gorgeous photographs, including the front cover photo of the FLOTUS herself and a snapshot of her doing her record 142 hula hoop revolutions, are also included. Published by Crown Publishing Group, the book is available for $30, but the proceeds will be going to the National Parks Foundation.