Floyd Mayweather has reportedly announced plans to obtain a license to fight in MMA.

The news came during a recent conversation with TMZ in Los Angeles, where the boxing champion reportedly told the media outlet he is planning to submit paperwork to become a licensed professional MMA fighter with the UFC.

“Everything takes time. Eventually, we’re gonna apply for the license, and hopefully we can fight,” Mayweather said.

So far, the professional boxing champ has not divulged exactly when he planned to apply for the license, but he did disclose how long he felt he needed to get ready for battle in the Octagon.

“Even if it takes six to eight months–whatever it takes. We want to make sure that everything is done correctly.”

As for who will be getting Mayweather ready for the sport, UFC champ Tyron Woodley said earlier this month he was set to train the boxing legend.

“Floyd Mayweather is interested in taking an MMA bout, maybe a few of ’em,” Woodley said during an appearance on TMZ’s The Hollywood Beatdown. “So, who better than The Chosen One to teach him the ropes on how we get off the ropes and get in the cage?”

Well then.