Floyd Mayweather has established himself as one of the greatest boxers of all time, but could he be ready to enter the world of mixed martial arts?

The champ recently shared footage of himself hopping in the MMA cage, implying he may give the violent sport a try.

Unfortunately, he was met with immediate hate from MMA fighter and previous combatant, Conor McGregor, who taunted the Las Vegas resident for attempting to step into his territory.

#Floydmayweather vs #McGregor Part 2

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“Hahahaha very good. Keep up the good work my son. Yours sincerely, Senior.”

Both Mayweather and McGregor can’t seem to let go of their previous bout, where Mayweather beat the proud Irishman. Just days before this exchange, the 40-year-old boxer posted photos of himself pounding on McGregor in the ring.

#MCM Mayweather Crushes McGregor.

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Please, can somebody give me a caption? #MayweatherPromotions #TheMoneyTeam

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You violate and I will demonstrate!!

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Do you think Mayweather will enter the world of MMA?