As an herbalist and life-long tea drinker, Shanae Jones was always disappointed by the lackluster tea brands on the market, which she felt promoted a generic version of wellness that wasn't meant for Black consumers. After studying plant medicine for six years, ones was determined to change that. In 2016, she founded Flyest Tea Co., a tea company that connects the healing nature of herbal teas with representation and hip-hop culture, specifically made for the Black community. 

Jones developed her love for tea over 30 years ago during daily ‘teatime’ sessions alongside her British and Jamaican mother and grandma. During their treasured teatime, she learned about family, life, politics, and most important, herself. This tradition inspired her to learn more about the folk medicine and the scientific research that confirms what ancestral healers knew to be true about the efficacy of plant medicine.

During her studies, Jones noticed that modern tea companies have zero connection to the true cultural and medicinal purposes of tea, including their Asian and African origins. Instead, tea products are marketed as an exclusionary, white-washed 'health' solution with superficial, antiquated promises about anti-aging and self-care. Recognizing a gap in the market, she launched Flyest Tea Co. to elevate teatime with a product “for today’s tea drinkers” that links the beverage to our identity, ancestry and Hip-Hop. Jones’ goal is for customers to have “the same conversations and create [their] own path to health, peace, and happiness on [their] terms.”

Alongside the brand's cultural and health initiatives, the brand wants to educate. Their blog is a masterclass in herbalism, offering the details the properties and effects of each herb and tea blend, so you understand exactly what you are consuming. All of their teas are made in house in small batches with ingredients that are sourced from small herb farms and co-ops. The variety of blends can be used to heal ailments like menstrual cramps, boosting immunity, elevating mood, clearing congestion, and more. They even sell custom fine china and saucers with empowering messages like ‘Black Women Are Magic’ for an instant mood boost. 

Ready to start sippin? Read on to shop an assortment of the brand's energizing and healing blends, herb-flavored honey sweetener, and modernized fine china below.

Image: courtesy of Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. Green Bae™ Loose Leaf Tea $15,

Green Bae is a full leaf green tea that is light and citrusy, for a smoother taste than your typical green tea. Often green tea is used for its antioxidant properties, Green Bae can also speed up metabolism and serve a boost of caffeine to keep you focus.

Image: courtesy of Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. Blood Orange™ Loose Leaf Tea $14,

Blood Orange has a blend of potent herbs including Black Cohosh, Orange Peel, Rose Hips, Cinnamon, Blackberry Leaf, Clove, and Chicory Root. This tea is for anybody with a uterus who experiences menstrual cramps to soothe the muscles, nerves and pain receptors for reduced pain and agitation.

Image: courtesy of Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. The Flyest™ TRVPCHNV $75,

Image: courtesy of Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. Breathe™ Loose Leaf Tea $16,

With a spicy and warming taste, this herbal tea supports your body through that itchy, scratchy feeling you get in your chest and that stuffy clogged up feeling you get in your head when you catch the common cold. 

Image: courtesy of Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. So Icy™ Honey $13,

This mint infused honey is sweet where you want it to be and cooling when you need it to be. The perfect balance. Use it to take your minty teas up a notch or use it to add a new element to one of our other delicious blends. 

Image: courtesy of Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. Nip's Tea™ Loose Leaf Tea $14,

This blend is inspired by Nipsey Hussle, a man who invested in his community and from all the way in Cali taught our founder many principles of business. In memory of the rapper and entrepreneur, who believed that he had the power to shape a new majority in America, this lemon-ginger herbal tea is made made to help energize the body, just what you need to continue the race.