Fantasia and Kandi Burruss Say Wendy Williams Needs to Butt Out

During their appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live this week, Kandi Burruss and Fantasia Barrino had some words for Wendy Williams—a.k.a. they told her to mind her business! (As if Wendy’s never heard that one before.) If you’ve been keeping up with The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know Kandi’s mom, Mama Joyce, is not too happy with her relationship with “music producer” Todd Tucker. (Quick: name a Todd Tucker single.)

According to the ex-Xscape singer, Mama was cool with her man at first, until the gossip guru started bumping her gums about him being an “opportunist” and all. Then moms started coming at Kandi every week raving about what Wendy said. Funny thing is, Kandi says wiggy Wendy is in a similar situation as her, so she suggested we asked the drama queen about her own relationship.

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Denzel Washington Lands on Forbes’s List of Most Overpaid Actors

Denzel Washington might be a hero in our eyes, but to Forbes, he doesn’t live up to the hype. Based on a box office analysis of actor’s last three movies, the high-roller magazine placed our boy at number six on their list of Most Overpaid Actors, being that he brings in $40 mill annually but has starred in films that have only pulled in an average of $20 mill opening week. But don’t they know it’s a recession? Black folks be bootlegging like a mug! So cut the crap you pocket-watchers, Denny is worth every penny. (Stop hatin’!)

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Game Gets Tattoo of Nelson Mandela

No disrespect to the South African king, but Game is really starting to become a walking obituary, as he just added Nelson Mandela to his collection of late entertainment and social icons inked on his frame. (He already has murals of Michael Jackson, Nate Dogg and Trayvon Martin tatted on his limbs.) The Compton MC posted a picture of the body work on his Instagram yesterday, which consists of an aged Mandela staring out of his prison bars on Robben Island. I’m all about commemorating heroes and honoring Black leaders who’ve fought for the justice and equality of our people, but I really don’t know how to feel about this one here. Kudos to Game anyway, I guess.

Read it at Madame Noire.