Brandi Maxiell, a former Basketball Wives LA cast member, reflected on her "difficult" battle with ovarian cancer on Tuesday, which was World Cancer Day.

"I’m so blessed to beat this terrible disease and I didn’t let it defeat me!!! 2007-2008 was THE most difficult challenging time of my life," Maxiell wrote on Instagram. "But I didn’t give up, I fought hard, stayed strong, stayed faithful & prayed up... and I SURVIVED."

The former reality star was 24 years old when found out she had cancer in 2007. And acccording to, she found out while planning her wedding to NBA player Jason Maxiell.

Brandi didn't have a history of cancer in her family and went to two doctors to confirm her diagnosis. Afterward, she gave her nearly 750,000 followers health advice:

"EVERYONE trust your body if something doesn’t feel right GO GET CHECKED!!! You don’t have until next week or when you are not busy...don’t put your life on the line behind neglecting your body," she urged. "Don't skip out on wellness annual exams or follow ups!!!"