Mental health is just as important as physical health, and two-time NFL MVP Brandon Marshall has created a platform to address both, digitally. When the six-time Pro Bowler launched his wellness brand, House of Athlete (HOA), in 2019, he created a space for the everyday fitness enthusiast to access wellness practices typically reserved for athletes.

This year, he’s building upon that momentum with its digital extension, House of Athlete Plus, which launched on January 9, 2023. Much like its physical predecessor, the app allows you access to one-on-one training, expert coaching and daily classes by some of the greatest athletes in the world. 

HOA+ is grounded by the same five pillars that Marshall adopted in the original brand—train, fuel, recover, tribe, and mental fitness—while merging a perfect balance of physical and mental fitness that can be done anytime, anywhere.

With 13 years of NFL experience under his belt, Marshall saw an opportunity to introduce the top-tier wellness lifestyles and exercises, that he and other elite pro athletes trained with, to the everyday person.

“I spent more than a dozen seasons in the NFL, surrounded by some of the healthiest people on the planet. During that time, my experience having everything integrated and personalized, from training to nutrition to mental health, is really what enabled me to perform at the highest level and achieve my goals. HOA and now HOA+ provide that same opportunity to the masses,” says Brandon Marshall, founder of HOA . “Our goal is to get more people to adopt the athlete lifestyle through this platform, and ultimately to bring better health to the world.”

Some of the top-tier talent and starpower contributing to the platform include former Chicago Bears wide receiver Kofi Hughs, wellness coach Bonnie Humphreys, former NFL player and America's Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos.