When you’re able to donate millions of dollars to the GOP, sometimes it comes at an unknown price. Such was the case for Super PAC donor Foster Friess, who recently jumped off the rickety Rick Santorum ship in favor of Mitt Romney. During an interview on “FOX Business News,” Friess drew a bit of unwanted attention for himself when he used gun imagery to weigh in on the shifting state of the 2012 presidential race. “There are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other,” Friess said during his interview. “Now that they have trained their barrels on President Obama, I hope his teleprompters are bulletproof.”

Ouch. Not really the type of allusion one should use after the recent shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma and down in Sanford, Florida with Trayvon Martin. After quickly admitting that he “probably shouldn’t have said that,” Foster Friess once again stuck his foot directly into his mouth. Unsurprisingly, for those who don’t recall, Friess, then a top surrogate for Rick Santorum, was the one who had colorful comments on the triviality of the contraception debate. “This contraceptive thing, my gosh it’s such [sic] inexpensive. Back in my days, they used Bayer Aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly,” he said.

Although his joke (and his candidate of choice) failed, Friess donated roughly $1.6 million to support Rick Santorum.