Fox Sports 1 anchor Shannon Sharpe has been making headlines for his repeated war of words with fellow retired Ravens player Ray Lewis and his generally biting cultural commentary.

But on Sunday, Sharpe did what was arguably the blackest thing to be televised when he pulled out a damn Black & Mild while surrounded and watched by White folks.

On Monday’s episode of “Undisputed,” which Sharpe co-hosts, the NFL Hall of Famer was vocal in his delight of the Denver Broncos’ victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. He reveled in the win with a pack of smokes, and he was more than chivalrous.

“If your team won, you can join me with a victory cigar,” Sharp said to co-hosts Joy Taylor and Skip Bayless. The dialogue then went as follows:

Bayless: “You smoke cigars?”

Taylor: “You’re calling Black and Milds cigars now?”

Sharpe: “I be on the Milds!”

Then they talked about sports. You are loved, Black man.