Nikko Creeping Behind Mimi’s Back?

Looks like Mimi Faust’s got herself another Stevie J. A popular blogger caught Nikko holding hands and damn near lip-locking on a date with another woman at an Atlanta restaurant. (At least it wasn’t Johnny.) When the fake Roley-wearing Steebie wanna-be realized he was in the spotlight, he slyly slithered his way back to his side of the table and diddled with his phone. Too bad the eyewitness snapped a few flicks of the slickster with his cam. (Snake!) Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. Mimi should’ve known he was a dog when he asked her for that threesome with Karlie Redd.

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Frank Ocean Fades Chris Brown with Domestic Violence Tee

Just when you thought it was over… Frank Ocean hits Chris Brown with a one, two combo to let us know it’s still on and popping. Over the weekend, photos surfaced of Frank donning a T-shirt decorated with a pic of Breezy and the words “Wanted” and “Stop Domestic Violence.” (And the boxing bell rings.) Not sure what round this is, but the two have been doing the back-and-forth since the summer of 2011. They’ve beefed on Twitter, called each other nasty names and came to blows earlier this year. C. B. even had his goons chase poor Frankie down during the early stages of this R&B thug war. But this one here… yeah, I think this is going to sting a little. I don’t want to call it a K.O., but didn’t Chris already fall out from the pressure of people still dogging him about The Rihanna Incident? Low blow, Frank, low blow.

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Kerry Washington’s Marriage a Hoax?

SMH! What is wrong with these celebrities putting on fronts just for a little publicity? A member of Kerry Washington’s camp is claiming that the scandalous Scandal star never really married 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, but had her submit a fake marriage license into the Idaho court system all for PR. The insider insists that Kerry and Nnamdi are still dating, but the football pro wanted no parts of this attention scheme, so they had to pay him off to quell his reluctance. Scandal’s season three is about to drop in October. Guess Kerry had to get her Kim K./Kris Humphries on to boost the show’s ratings a little.

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