Arizona State University officials have acted swiftly this week, choosing to sever all ties with Tau Kappa Epsilon, the fraternity responsible for the "MLK Black Party" where attendees were dressed in basketball jerseys, flashed gang signs, and drank from watermelon cups. That doesn't mean, however, that the members of TKE comprehend what they did wrong.

ASU officials suspended TKE on Monday. In the days since, local civil rights leaders have been quite vocal about their wish for the fraternity to be banned from the University, according to the Arizona State Press. By Thursday, ASU decided they would no longer recognize the chapter as part of Greek life at the University, mostly because this recent event came after TKE was put on probation in 2012 for beating up a Black member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Two of the men involved in that attack pled guilty to charges of aggravated assault, according to The Arizona Republic. DKE was also suspended.

The University says TKE broke several rules, including some involving consumption and distribution of alcohol, hosting an unregistered party, and "Engaging in discriminatory activities, including harassment and retaliation, as prohibited by applicable law or university policy." In a statement, University officials said that they would continue to investigate members of the frat and may take further action.