There are so many leaders in history who need their story told and notable filmmaker, Antoine Fuqua, will reportedly be turning a passion project into a feature film.

Fuqua, who directed Training Day, is developing a film about Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton.

Hampton, who was an outspoken leader of the Black Panther Party, was known for his speeches which brought in thousands from all over. It’s how he developed such a large following in his hometown of Chicago. At the age of 21, on December 4, 1969, Hampton was shot and killed while laying in bed with his pregnant fiancee during a raid orchestrated by the Chicago police and the FBI.

His death was ruled a justifiable homicide and his fiancee was awarded $1.85 million in 1982.

So far, the project is untitled and will be based on Jeffrey Haas’ book, The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther, and will be adapted for the screen by Chris Smith.

The film will take shape at Sony studios.

Even though it’s its early stages, it’s possible this biopic could make some noise at the Academy Awards. We can’t wait for casting announcements.