The case of Bresha Meadows ignited controversy in 2016 when the then-14-year-old faced legal repercussions for killing her allegedly abusive father. But after spending a year and a half between juvenile detention and a mental health institution, and the continued circulation of the #FreeBresha hashtag, Meadows was finally released on Sunday.

Initially faced with the possibility of being tried as an adult, many were outraged the teen would be punished for what seemed to be an act of self-defense after enduring years of alleged abuse. HuffPost reported Meadows’ mom filed a police report against her husband in 2011, stating: “In the 17 years of our marriage he has cut me, broke my ribs, fingers, the blood vessels in my hand, my mouth, blackened my eyes. I believe my nose was broken. If he finds us, I am 100 percent sure he will kill me and the children.”

Meadows, now 16 years old, plead “true” — the equivalent of guilty — to killing her father during her trials. Courts eventually decided to trial her as a juvenile rather than an adult. Meadows was sentenced to spend a year and a half between a juvenile detention center and a mental health facility.

Bresha’s aunt told WMFJ-TV the teen will be attending returning to high school as a junior.