Andis T Outliner Clippers  ($81.00,

Unless you’re a big-time athlete or celebrity, there’s a good chance you don’t have a personal barber on stand-by for those last-minute haircuts. So you’ll need to invest in a pair of clippers to keep you looking fresh in between cuts. We suggest these Andis T-Outliners. 

Jack Black All-Over Wash ($15.00, 6 oz.,

Drugstore brand body washes will not be your M.O. this year. Jack Black offers all the normal guy stuff like soap, lotion and shaving kits, but with a distinct difference. Most of their products are created using all-natural ingredients, which means you can actually read the label and understand what you’re putting on your skin. Forget the bar of soap this year, and go with Jack Black’s All-Over Body Wash.

Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer ($22.00,

Being a man in your mid-20s means oily skin, which leads to a shiny face, clogged pores, and random breakouts. After months of searching for a product that offered just enough moisture without clogging my pores, I found it. Perfect for guys with sensitive skin. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clog pores, and offers SPF-15 protection. That’s a win in my book.

Nose Hair Scissors by Art of Shaving ($20.00,

Seriously, nose hair is just gross. These nose-hair scissors constructed by The Art of Shaving have a protective tip and are made of tempered stainless steel (they last forever), so run and get yourself pair.

Zwilling Ultra-slim Nail Clipper ($32.00,

Jacked up nails don’t look good on women or men. Invest in the ultra-slim nail clipper from Zwilling Pour Homme. You'll be glad you did. 

Kiehl’s Eye Alert ($21.50,

Are you planning to put in long nights at the office, have an increased social life, or make that five a.m. workout each morning in 2014? If so, don’t be surprised if your eyes take a slight beating. Before the puffiness starts to show, be pro-active and use this eye cream. It’s formulated with a blend vitamins and caffeine to fight fatigue and keep your eyes looking alert, even if last night was mad real.

Acca Kappa 1869 Hair Brush ($84.00,

Yes, it’s $84 bucks. We know. But we just like the damn thing. See, brushes made with synthetic bristles are damaging to your hair in the long run, especially as Black men. That’s why we suggest the Acca Kappa, a brand that offers brushes made of East African wenge wood and wild boar bristles. In other words, using this brush is like using the good stuff.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Men ($5.28,

No need to get all extravagant with your body lotion. Keep it simple and go with the tried and true, but for men this time. 

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub ($20.00,

Think exfoliating is girly? Then answer this: would you rather have dry, scaly skin or hide in the bathroom to do a little scrub down twice a week and have a smooth epidermis? We thought so. Use this and observe how your ashy skin fades away.

Post Shave Healer by Clinique ($19.50,

Shaving can wreak havoc on the skin, especially if there’s no regimen in place. So invest some good money in your after-shave this year, and make sure it’s alcohol-free with moisturizing properties to soothe and heal skin, much like this treatment from Clinique. 

—Corey Chalameau