Because you can’t (and shouldn’t) wear boots every day of the cold months, here are 11 sneakers, that aren’t Jordans (sorry hypebeasts) that’ll keep you looking like a casual, yet cool grown man.

New Balance – The American Rebel 998 ($160,

Part of New Balance’s Holiday 2013 collection, these are fresh, comfortable, and perfect for any weekend madness that ensues. So roll up your jeans and let the world see your new kicks. Prepare for long glances.

Vans Wool Lynwood ($90,  

Vans are a must-have for any sneaker collector, but instead of buying them in the typical canvas fabric (which won’t help much when it’s 20 degrees outside), slide on these wool high-top versions instead. They pack a combination of comfort, style and—most importantly—warmth. 

Common Projects ($448,

Wearing dress shoes all the time can make your style… predictable, and may even hurt your feet. But if you’re wearing suits or fitted clothing, going too casual can be a bad move. No worries. Grab a sleek pair of Common Projects, and wear them with all the fits they said you couldn’t.

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ ($129.97,

Since when have running sneakers been this dope? 

Balenciaga ($555,

You want high-end, you want high-tops, then you want some Balenciagas! The contrasting materials and colors give this sneaker a uniqueness that can’t be replicated. They cost a pretty penny, yes, but they’re just so damn fresh.

Sawa Tsague High-Top ($150,

I’ve never purchased a pair of $150 sneakers and felt so responsible. That’s because these sneakers are produced start to finish by local crafters in Ethiopia, which help support their local economy. Their minimalistic aesthetic allows these sneakers to go with just about everything.

Chuck Taylors ($70,

You can never go wrong with a pair of Chucks. They’re freakin’ classics. Pick up the leather ones and slip on a slightly heavier sock for extra warmth. 

Adidas Sambas ($65,

The Sambas were originally designed for soccer players. But since being adopted for casual footwear, this sneaker has never looked back.

Lebron 11 ($200,

Because what is a list of sneakers without one pair of actual basketball shoes? While the Lebron 11s aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing sneaker on the list, they are by far the lightest and most comfortable hooping footgear. 

Converse Aerojam ($110,

“Party people are you with me?” (If that line doesn’t resonate, view this here.) This iconic sneaker from the early ’90s has resurfaced, reminding you of the Dream Team, NBA Jam, and most importantly, “LJ” (a.k.a Larry Johnson), who wore the Aerojams as his signature shoe during his dominance with the Charlotte Hornets. With a nice suede upper and a killer accent of teal running along the tongue, these are the perfect kicks for your #throwbackthursday Instagram post.

Puma Suede Classic ($59,

Cold weather seems to make us succumb to bad habits, like overeating, sleeping in late, and wearing the same color sneakers every day (black or grey). So in order to bring life to those gloomy mornings and early sunsets, add n punch of color to your sneakers. Try these neon (yes, neon) suede Pumas.

—Corey Chalumeau