To beard or not to beard, that is the question.

According to a study conducted by researchers in Australia, which confirmed that women do prefer men with heavy stubble, to beard would be the obvious answer. And to dive deeper, results from the study made it clear that women felt that “Men with a good amount of facial hair were more attractive, more healthy, and more masculine” than those without. If that didn’t make you consider tossing your razor in the garbage, I’m not sure what will.

Take a moment to recall the last time you heard a woman say “babyfaced men are sexy.” I’ll wait. Now think about the last time you heard a woman swoon over pop media’s A-list Black men, claiming how they love them some Idris Elba, Common, Michael Ealy or Maxwell. Regardless of their well-acknowledged physical attributes that women love, there’s a trend here: all the men I just mentioned maintain a significant amount of well-groomed facial hair. They’ve also had significant amounts of women, who’ll gladly testify these guys are indeed sex symbols.

A coincidence? Not even. Ever since the caveman era, women have found men with a little edge to be sexier than the straight-laced, clean-shaven guy. I get it; some men can’t grow a full beard. But for those who can, think twice about rocking the clean cut this season and add a little scruff to your look, if only for the special someone in your life.