After bringing you the fall essentials last week, we definitely missed out one piece that, if worn correctly, can elevate your style to new heights during these colder months. We already know that V-neck sweaters are great, and so are cardigans. But what about turtlenecks?

The turtleneck has been neglected for years by our generation. So today I ask, “Why aren’t you wearing a turtleneck?” From talks with a few gentlemen, the main concern appears to be their comfort level with the item. Some feel nerdy, or overtly preppy. My thoughts: don’t overthink it. Turtlenecks have been worn stylishly by iconic figures in our society for years. (Think Michael Jordan, Stevie Wonder and Shaft). And now, even contemporary best-dressed athletes like LeBron James can be spotted with a turtleneck and blazer. So again I ask, “Where’s your turtleneck?”  

Figure out where you stand with the style staple from our top picks below.

For the beginner:

Zara Viscose Turtleneck ($35.90,

Before you commit, it’s best to test-drive, and spending $35 dollars is just that. Try it in grey, if you hate it—never wear it again. (I doubt this will happen.) After receiving plenty of compliments, it may be time for the next level.

For the advanced turtleneck wearer:

Gap Merino Wool Turtleneck ($59.95,

This is a slightly larger investment into your turtleneck venture, but it’s sure to pay dividends in the long-term. Made from merino wool, this fabric is guaranteed to keep you warm, and with the quality of Gap, last you for seasons to come. So throw a blazer over this turtleneck and show your friends and co-workers how it’s done.

For the Expert:

J.Crew Cashmere Turtleneck ($245.00,

Now that you’ve mastered the turtleneck, it’s time to really invest in one. (Started from Zara, now we here!) At this point, you feel confident in your turtleneck… heck, you don’t even need a blazer anymore. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and some clean shoes. You, my friend, have upgraded your style, and you deserve this. This is your opportunity to splurge a little. Enjoy.

Corey Chalumeau is’s Menswear Style Contributor. For sartorial advice on the daily, follow him @MrAestheticCJC on Twitter, and @MrAesthetic on Instagram.