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Exploring Hip-Hop, #MeToo & Free Love

My Husband Doesn’t Know I’m Trans

As I tell this story I’m sitting in a beautiful home staring at all of the…

White Woman Boycotts Thick, Black Beauty #trafficbae

On Wednesday, Facebook user Jan Shedd stewed in frustration over the curvaceousness of a stunning reporter.…

Black Staff Matters: Biden’s 2020 Teams

WASHINGTON—Before declaring Philadelphia ground zero for his campaign operations, former Vice President Joe Biden was taking another…

A Black Woman Created the “Me Too” Campaign

It was impossible to scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds on Monday without seeing the…

The Difference Between Rap& Hip Hop

Hip-hop vs. rap. Though the iTunes store mashes the two terms into one convenient label…

My First Time With A White Guy

We were friends. Nothing more. Just two kids from Jersey traveling abroad who happened to bump…

Bruh, Are You In Therapy?

A few years ago I tried to reconnect with a friend from college. After a…

Kamala Harris kitchen cooking

Kamala Takes the Kitchen

The first Black and Indian (and woman) VEEP apparently also slays a good mushroom lasagna.

Unwed, Saved—And Getting It In

More young adults are choosing to embrace their sexuality—regardless of religious beliefs. Find out why.

The Colored People of the 1950s: Black History from the Pages of EBONY

In the 50s, the face of the nation was rapidly changing. EBONY magazine not only kept pace, but it also often led the charge.