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Black Wall Street and the Destruction of an Institution

This story was originally published May 31, 2013. Black Wall Street was in Greenwood, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, was the type of community that African Americans are still, today, attempting to reclaim and rebuild.  Black Wall Street was modern, majestic, sophisticated and unapologetically Black. Tragically, it was also the site of one of the

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Fear of a Black Landowner

This story was originally published June 13, 2014. Property is the keystone in the arch of the American ethos. Our devotion to that ethos often leaves those without property like ships with no anchors, adrift through seas of uncertainty destined to turn to splinters on the rocks of calamity. So why then, do we often

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Black Wall Street: A Legacy of Success

This story was originally published February 24, 2014. Black America’s most eminent historian Dr. John Hope Franklin often told his students that the past is prologue to the future. His message was essentially a lesson for all of us to examine our history and connect it to our present day lives. Using his aphorism as

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The Role of Black History in Our Current Racial Discourse

This story was originally published on February 2, 2021. Last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests brought racism to the forefront of our national discourse. The demonstrations were sparked by current events, particularly the deaths of George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, but the BLM rallying cry is a response to a deep-rooted history—a history of being

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Exclusive: Lena Waithe Talks ‘Master of None’ Emmy-nominated Episode and ‘The Chi’

You may know Lena Waithe from Netflix’s Master of None. She perfectly captures Denise, Dev’s (Aziz Ansari) lesbian best friend, without being a stereotype. The actress and screenwriter quickly found her personal story in the spotlight following season two’s masterfully written and acted”Thanksgiving” episode.  “I never had a desire to tell that story, per se,” the 33-year-old explained to EBONY.

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‘Dear White People’ Cast on Lena Waithe’s Hilarious Character on Season 2

While attending the red carpet screening premiere on May 2, the cast of Dear White People spoke exclusively with EBONY about Lena Waithe’s addition to the second season of the Netflix series.   The Emmy Award-winning writer transitioned from being a producer on Dear White People the film to guest starring as rapper P. Ninny on season 2 of

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‘Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack’ is a Mood

Today, 12 days in advance of the film’s official November 27 opening in theaters, Motown Records is releasing Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack. Directed by Grammy and MTV Video Award winner Melina Matsoukas with a screenplay by Emmy winner Lena Waithe, Queen & Slim stars Academy Award nominee Daniel Kaluuya and is a powerful, consciousness-raising

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Love, No Limit: A Mother Protects Her LGBTQ Son At College

Two years ago, Syronda Armstrong sat in a disciplinary hearing with several administrators of Winston Salem State University (WSSU) and her eldest son, Aaron. It was a tough meeting to make as Syronda is a single mother of three who works two jobs and a full-time student. But her son—who was on the Dean’s list

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Missing Mama: How To Cope On Mother’s Day

Losing a mother is essentially like losing your first love, and one of the greatest people you’ll ever know, all at once. It leaves a void that cannot be filled no matter how many years or decades pass by. Former journalist and public relations executive L.K. Alexander-Bedford knows this feeling firsthand. She lost her mother

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Make Mother’s Day Count

I hope I don’t get those generic Mother’s Day texts from people who haven’t inquired about me in years. Those three words (“Happy Mother’s Day”—or, perhaps, “HMD” in this modern, 140-character world) mean so much less than, “how are you?” I asked my grandmother that question yesterday on the year anniversary of my father’s death.

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Spring Clean Your Dating Routine

The Mr. and I both have demanding careers, which sometimes takes up a lot more of our respective schedules than we’d like. It was something we realized about a year into our relationship, before we became husband and wife. By this point we were already living together but quality time didn’t come very often. As

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