Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Arrested for Assault and Battery in New Orleans

What do you know? Keyshia Cole’s hubby is about that life. Daniel Gibson turned himself into New Orleans authorities yesterday after being indicted for assault and battery. The charges stem from an incident earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, where he allegedly broke a guy’s jaw at a nightclub. The Cleveland baller assures he’ll be cleared when all the facts come to light, and that this is just another instance of someone trying to jank a celeb for a little change. But just admit it Boobie… you’re a thug. We all know Keyshia likes ’em rough. Right Jeezy? Yeeeeaaaaaahhh!

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Former Fugees Video Director Sentenced to 90 Years for Raping and Impregnating His Daughters

Aswad Ayinde, the award-winning director who reeled the Fugees “Killing Me Softly,” is facing 90 years for raping six of his daughters, which resulted in six illegitimate children. In 2011, the psycho-perv received 40 years for molesting one daughter, and this past Friday—in the second of five trials—Ayinde was found guilty for repeatedly raping another daughter since she was 8 years old—impregnating her four times—and sentenced to an additional 50 years in prison.

The trials revealed all types of crazy ish, from dead babies buried in the backyard to him raping, beating and starving the girls in abandoned funeral parlors, all over a 30-year span. His reasoning behind all these twisted deeds? Ayinde believed the apocalypse was near and wanted to create a “pure family bloodline” because he was “chosen.” Yeah, the end is definitely near Aswad, just wait to you get behind those bars… you’ll be chosen alright.

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Rihanna Scared She’ll Lose Her Fame, Turns to Psychic for Help

Apparently that illuminati ish is starting to play with RiRi’s head. A source told The Sun that Rihanna’s afraid her fans will turn on her and that her flame will burn out, making her increasingly “superstitious” and causing her to see “signs and omens in normal events.” Now she’s talking that talk with Buddhist fortune-tellers, psychics, witches, wizards and all that crazy shiznyee (thanks Scrappy)! Her poor bodyguards are having nightmares because they’ve been disappearing down stairwells and out side doors whenever she’s around. What type of crazy… Lord, please bless her!

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