Bullying exists in many shapes and forms. Just ask Olympic Gold winner Gabrielle Douglas. While the new American sweetheart was competing to win at the Olympics, people giving their opinions about her hair via social networks; others still were weighing in on her family's finances and questioning who was really responsible for her success. Sadly, it is an unfortunate reality in today’s society that people can just hide behind their keyboards and smart phones to say things that are so inconsequential and so insensitive. Luckily, Gabrielle was able to deal with her detractors in a graceful way. Not only did she win big in this Summer's Olympics, she also gave hope to millions of little girls that if she did it, they can do it too!

The 'Flying Squirrel’ and mom Natalie Hawkins were recently the guests of honor at the iGlow Mentoring Mother/Daughter Brunch in Chicago. There was such anticipation by the young ladies at this event as they waited to see the mother and daughter dynamic duo. They went on to deliver a message of inspiration and hope, as well as some practical advice on what to do to overcome the hard days and discover how your sacrifices can pay off when you don’t quit. 

Gabby had this to offer for young people and parents who are dealing with the nightmare of bullying: 

"My advice would be that if you feel like you are getting bullied, or you feel some type of way, you should go to a parent that you trust and love and know that they have the best interest for you and just to speak up. I would say for the parent, just support them and just trust and believe them.  Handle it and to do what’s best for your kid or your daughter.  I would say that’s the best advice I received [from my mom.]"

How have you confronted bullying in your life, as a child or during adulthood? Speak on it!