May 2018 EBONY cover star, Gabrielle Union, accepted her well-deserved “Breakthrough Producer of the Year” award from CinemaCon this weekend, sharing the humbling experience of her driver mistaking her for Naomie Harris that solidified her decision to create more roles for those the industry would like to “put out to pasture.”

“I gotta create opportunities for myself. I gotta create opportunities for other people who are also being put out to pasture–other people whose voices are traditionally muted, erased, silenced. There’s billions of people on the planet, and it seems like we only rehash the same four stories. If we can imagine a world that has Middle-earth and hobbits, if we can imagine Wakanda, we can imagine a 45-year-old woman being her own superhero in her own damn life.”

Check out her full acceptance speech above.