The students at North Carolina Central got more than what they bargained for when they signed on to join President Obama’s “Greater Together” initiative, as the Durham HBCU’s campus was blessed by an unusual suspect—Gabrielle Union. The event itself marked the first of more than 28 others that the campaign will hold throughout the next two weeks at HBCUs which include Morehouse College, Norfolk State University, Bennett College, and Florida A&M University.

Union’s inclusion in Obama’s union for a “Greater Together” stems from her dedication to help the Chicago senator become the first African-American president back in 2008. “I stood by [President Obama] in 2008, and that election invigorated me  in away that I’d never really been before about being part of the process,” Union told The Root. “I take a lot of pride knowing that my president understands that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and we have a responsibility to each other. He understands that America prospers when we’re all doing it together, when everyone does their fair share and plays by the same rules.”

While the opposition doesn’t necessarily see Obama’s initiative as being fair or playing by the same rules, what other celebrities will step up and announce their support for the 44th Commander-in-Chief?