The recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado during “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere has affected another film, “Gangster Squad.” The film, starring Anthony Mackie and Ryan Gosling, was set to release on Sept. 7th, but was officially pushed back to an undecided 2013 date. In a grisly unintended echo of the Aurora tragedy, the late 1940s based film features a scene of mobsters bursting through a movie screen and firing machine guns at theater patrons.

Immediately after the July 20th shootings, Warner Bros. pulled the online trailers showing the graphic scene, but no immediate statement was made. On Wednesday, the studio and director Ruben Fleischer ("Zombieland") decided to cut, or at least extensively rework, that scene. The re-filming will require several of the actors to come back and may take some time, based on their set schedules. Although the studio didn’t comment on a specific release date, many are speculating January as a possibility.