Garcelle Beauvais may be a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but this holiday season, she’s getting real about navigating last-minute shopping. The actress has recently teamed up with Target to help consumers quickly find the perfect gift for their loved ones. As many of us have yet to complete our holiday shopping lists, the mother of three says that the ease of shopping with the brand is something she knows first-hand.

"I'm typically not a last-minute shopper because I'm pretty organized and try to do things ahead of time. I realized I couldn't find my tree topper, so I used the brand's delivery service, and they brought it to my door," shares Beauvais.

As for her personal holiday shopping, the reality television star has already made headway in securing gifts for the special people in her life.

“There is this woven plush blanket that I'm obsessed with, and many people in my life are getting that same blanket. I've gotten it in so many different colors. I also love that Target has a Black Santa Claus mug, as I have a bunch of those. For my grandson, he's getting a piano that he is going to love, and my son, of course, is probably going to kill me because it makes so much noise.”

Beauvais shares that the most important holiday tradition for her is simply spending time with loved ones.

"It's all about being together, having music on and eating great food while the tree is glistening," she explains. "We have dinner on Christmas Eve because growing up in a Haitian family, we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, so my kids love doing that now, too. They spend Christmas Eve at my house, and then go to their dad's house the next morning to have Christmas with him and open even more presents, so that's our tradition."

The actress also feels that the holidays are essential for relaxing and checking in with oneself, which is of utmost importance.

"I love catching up on shows that I haven't seen, baking banana bread or cookies, and making sure my home feels warm and inviting with a great candle burning. It's the perfect time for just relaxing. We also need to check in with ourselves—I think that's really important."